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Maintenance  Tips

It is in the interest of every owner at Lido Shores to maintain their units.  If it is determined that an owner’s inadequate maintenance or appliance malfunction is responsible for damages to your unit, or neighboring units or common areas, you could be responsible not only for your damage, but for damages to the other areas as well.  This damage is not usually covered by walls-in condo insurance policies.


Some maintenance issues can be planned for in advance.  For example, hot water heaters, shower pans, air conditioners, etc. are typically guaranteed for a period of ten years.   When they fail, they do so with dramatic results.  Other appliances, like dishwashers, or electrical appliances, can fail in ways that may be more or less dramatic, but can cause damage just as well. 


For maintenance issues having to do with the common areas of the building and grounds, Dan Surant, on-site maintenance manager, is available Monday to Friday from 8:00am – noon.  Any maintenance issues associated with the common areas of the building can be reported to Dan or Casey Management.


Owners who need repairs do not need to submit application forms, but should inform Dan that a repair contractor will be calling, in the event that the contractor will need access to the building’s infrastructure.  For example, air conditioning contractors working for unit owners may require access to the roof to make necessary repairs to unit systems. 


For all unit renovations, application should be filed with Casey Management using the Owner’s Application form.  Any accommodations should be arranged with Casey Condominium Management.  


Florida living presents maintenance problems that may be unfamiliar to owners coming from other regions.  The following tips address some of those issues:  


Tips for Window Maintenance

Tips for Mold Mitigation

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