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Policies & Preferences

The following is for your convenience.

Please read the complete version of Lido Shore's policies here.



Residents are assigned one parking place in the numbered lot. Additional space is available in the guest lot, accessible via Ford Drive. All drivers should register their cars using the yellow forms located near the elevator. Please advise short term guests to place a note on their windshields with the name of the resident and the unit number being visited.


Since we are so close to the beach, our parking lot may be mistaken for public space. To ensure that your guests’ and tenants’ cars are not towed, please make sure they are registered or otherwise identified.


Parking is not permitted behind the building, except for temporary loading and unloading. This ensures that deliveries and garbage pickup will not be disrupted.

Owners who choose to leave their cars at Lido Shores in their absence must leave a key with the office, in the event that their car must be moved for maintenance or emergency reasons.




Residents are encouraged to dispose of refuse as noted:


  • Paper, including collapsed boxes, is deposited in the bins beneath the garbage chutes.


  • Other recyclables are placed in the lidded bins located in the storage areas behind the laundry. A complete list of eligible recyclables is posted there. Please ensure that all recycled material is clean.

  • Please do not put plastic bags in any of the recycling bins.  The city will refuse to recycle any bin that contains a bag.  Should you wish to recycle plastic bags, you may take them to Publix, where there are appropriate accommodations.


  • Bagged kitchen and other refuse is deposited in the garbage chute near the elevator. Please take extra care to see that all bags are tightly sealed so that contents do not fall out.


  • Owners must contact the city or charities to dispose of furniture, all construction materials,  and other items that will not fit in our dumpster.




Habitat for Humanity:


City of Sarasota (fee-based): 941-955-2325



The pool has no attendant lifeguard. Please monitor the activity of any children present. Please lower the umbrellas when you are finished and return the equipment and the chairs to their original positions. There is a community grill poolside.  Please clean it after using it.




Individual members may rent their units on a monthly basis. Members pay a $100 fee to the Lido Shores Condo Associate to cover any issues related to damage to common areas. Members are also responsible for paying any resale and tourism development taxes to the county. The units are insured for a total of 4 residents at any time.


Pets, with the exception of ADA-credentialed service animals, are not permitted at Lido Shores, and are not permitted on the beach.


Please ensure your tenants understand, and abide by, association rules at all times.

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