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Building Painting Project

Attention, Residents!  

External painting is scheduled to begin on time, thanks to the timely approval of our members!  Here’s what you can expect:


  • At the end of April, power washing will commence.  ALL MEMBERS MUST ARRANGE TO MOVE THEIR CARS BY APRIL 27.  If you can’t be here, be sure to leave a copy of your car key with Bill.  It is the responsibility of individual members to inform your tenants of this activity.



  • In the interest of preserving the continuity of the building’s façade, painting of the lanai framing on the gulf side will be painted, however this is a one-time-only arrangement.  It is the responsibility of each member to maintain their units.  Several commercial products are available to help protect framing from the elements over time (car wax is an inexpensive way to do this effectively).


  • The poolside bathroom door will also be replaced before the parking project begins.


Please contact Casey Management with any questions.

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