Lido Shores Updates


Impact fees:  A discrepancy between the number of units observed to have been rented, yellow registration cards and fees collected by Casey Management continues to persist, partly because of unclear language around the status of annual vs. long-term renters.  The board and Casey Management will collaboratively review and clarify the rules.


Guest Parking Lot Fence:  Lido Shores will remove the fence and will not replace it.  Casey Management will inform the owners of the abutting home of our intention so they can arrange to secure their pool area. 


Electronic Key Fobs:  The Board has approved the distribution of two electronic key fobs per unit, which will work on the Gulf and Polk side doors only.  Owners and their tenants should still carry a physical key, which will work on all doors, and in the event of a power outage. 


Updates to Rules and Regulations:  The Board will review the association Rules and Regulations, which were last updated in 2015, to clarify and update terms.  The proposed changes will be open to owner input before the next board meeting.


Roofing:  It’s a lot quieter at Lido Shores now that the roofers have departed.  Repairs to fifth floor units stemming from roof problems are being assessed/addressed.  If any further change orders surface, the board will consider whether they are covered by our reserves.