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Lido Shores Updates

Milestone Inspection Update:  Initial inspections were completed recently of the building exterior; wind mitigation forms were received.  Currently Karins is reviewing terms for internal unit inspections.  We expect it will take 3 engineers to complete inspection of 2 units on each floor, for a total of 2 days.  The engineers will be looking for hollow soundings on lanai tiles, closed in windows, soundings on stucco work that would reveal subsidence or other issues, railings, and some north side stucco issues, among other issues. 


Currently the final legislation is being drafted/debated to determine the content of the reserve study to follow.  The Community Association Institute is lobbying for language in the bill that will reflect a realistic homeowner financial commitment and plan.  The CAI will inform owners on what they advocate in the event we need to approach legislators.  The legislative session ends in March, but there might need to be an emergency session in May to finalize the reserve study parameters and the plans to realize full funding for infrastructure projects.

Fire Alarm:  One of the alarm sensors in the common room was triggered by water coming from a unit’s broken hot water heater, causing the fire department to make a late-night call.  Since then, the leak was addressed by the owner of the unit and Piper has replaced the sensor.  On 9 February, Piper will make a spot check of randomly selected units to ensure that all smoke detectors are in working order. 


Generator Testing:  Our contractor has agreed to extend our testing schedule to every 3 weeks.


Milestone Inspections:  Karins will be in the building on 1 February to inspect the interiors of several units, in accordance with the state’s milestone inspection protocols.


Contractor Use of Water:  A sign has been posted at the hose to discourage contractors from cleaning their equipment and then dumping the dirty water on Lido Shores landscaping. 


Arrow Pest Control:  After we reported scheduling issues, we skipped pest control in January.  Service will resume on 20 February.  


Landscaping:  The north landscape bed, where we lost the palm tree in hurricane Ian, will be slightly downsized and resodded.  The entire property will have mulch replenished sometime the first week in February.


Maintenance:  The maintenance page has been moved to the Owners Only section.  If you are renting your unit, please have your 

tenants inform you of their maintenance needs so you can act quickly to resolve them. 

Financials:  December 2022 Financials are now posted.

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