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Evacuating Lido Shores 

If you or your renters will be living at Lido Shores during the hurricane season, you should be aware of the following:


Lido Key is in evacuation zone A.


If there is any severe weather expected to hit our key, evacuation will be mandatory. In the case of evacuation, remember to:


  • Turn off your water at the heater 

  • Close and lock all doors and windows 

  • Close all interior doors, 

  • Lower any storm shutters (and turn off the electricity running them) and 

  • Place anything valuable you don’t want to take with you in the locked dishwasher so it is protected from water damage.

  • All materials must be removed from the lanai. 


If you are concerned about any interior damage, it is worthwhile to take pictures before you leave the key, in case your insurance company requires proof.

Weather conditions can change very quickly in emergency situations.  Whether you plan to stay with friends, go to a hotel, or take advantage of shelter accommodations, owners and tenants should have an emergency kit ready at all times.  While a list of items is available in the Lido Shores Preparedness Plan, each person should plan to have a three-day supply in order to minimize disruption.  Most lists will include adequate supplies of clothing, water, a radio, flashlight, extra batteries, medications and non-perishable food.  In addition, you might want to consider:


  • Bringing rubber boots if you have some.

  • Reading material and any other non-electronic diversions to keep you entertained.

  • Chargers, especially those that can be used while driving.

  • Bringing a sleeping bag or air mattress, in the event of overcrowding at evacuation centers, or if your chosen safe place is also evacuated.

  • In the age of coronavirus, masks, gloves, sanitizers, and anything else that helps you feel safe.


The City of Sarasota has done a great deal of work to minimize any post-hurricane issues, including cutting the Australian Pines on the Ringling, however, it is impossible to foresee all storm-related impediments to returning to Lido Shores.  Finally, for security reasons, the outer doors and the elevators will be secured and unavailable until the emergency has passed.

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